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AirSoda Soda Maker User Manual

Safety Warning

l   It is forbidden to inflate directly into a water bottle without water. l It is forbidden to inflate fruits, fruit juices, tea, wine, and drinks directly into an inflatable water bottle.

l   Do not place the sparkling water dispenser on or near heat sources (e.g. cookers, heaters, etc.) and avoid direct sunlight.

l   Never use and store the product at high temperatures. Please note that the operating environment and storage temperature of this product should be between 4°C and 38°C.

l   If the machine is to be transported empty, please remove the cylinders (they cannot pass airline security).

Product Description

l   Please check the bubbler and accessories (CO2 cylinders, PET bottles, etc.) and contact our customer service if you find any damage or defects.

l   Only use original parts supplied or recommended by the manufacturer, otherwise, the warranty will be void.

l   Do not use the product and accessories until the damage or defect has been repaired.

l   Do not modify or disassemble the product yourself. If you need to repair the product, please contact our sales and after-sales service for professional repair.

Name of the parts

Installation and Operating Instructions

Cylinder safety precautions

l   For your safety, please use Airsoda's original cylinders or cylinders from an Airsoda authorized service provider. The use of other brands of cylinders will result in safety risks and void the warranty.

l   It is strictly forbidden to remove the cylinder during the preparation of the sparkling water.

l   Do not replace the cylinder when it is inserted into the sparkling water dispenser to prevent the water in the cylinder from flowing backward.

l   If the temperature of the cylinder is lower than room temperature, allow it to return slowly to room temperature and do not heat it back up with a heat source.

l   If the temperature inside the cylinder is higher than room temperature, allow it to cool slowly to room temperature, and do not put it in the fridge.

l   If the cylinder is frozen, avoid contact with the skin to prevent frostbite.

l   It is forbidden to fill a water bottle directly without water and to fill it several times in a row for a long period of time.

l   The amount of water in the bottle should be between the highest and lowest mark.

l   Water bottles should not be kept in the fridge to freeze.

l   Water bottles should only be filled with drinking water between 4°C and 38°C. Frozen water between 4°C and 7°C tastes better.

l   Replace the bottle immediately if it is deformed, scratched, discolored, or has passed its expiry date.

Water bottle cleaning and care

l   Rinse the water bottle carefully before and after each use and shake dry to prevent staining.


If there are any irregularities in the operation of the product, please check the table below and take action.

If the problem persists, please contact Airsoda Customer Service.

Do not dismantle and repair the product yourself as this may cause danger or damage to the air bubble dispenser.


Possible causes

Exclusion methods

Water flows into the drip tray during foaming

Water bottle too full

The water bottle can only be filled to the highest level, please empty the excess water.

Small amount of air bubbles in the water

The gas bottle is running out of CO2

Replacement of CO2 cylinders.

Gas bottle too cold (e.g. due to winter transport)

Wait for the cylinder temperature to return to room temperature.

Drinking water temperature too high

Use cold drinking water.